Monday, 15 August 2011

Time Out with Nature @ Starfresh Agro Park

We organised a group to attend a Farmer's Town 1 Day program at Starfresh Agro Park in December 2010.  Our program starts at 8.30am. ^o^

From left: We took Lekas Highway to reach our destination; some of the photos of their activities available.

8.30am:  Arrival & Video Presentation. (Introducing how we can save our earth and Q&A session.)

9.00 am: Farm Visit (From left: Dried roselle; path to the farm; passion fruit; cactus)

From left: Our tutor, Sandy; chickens in cage; worms' home; here's the worm.

Farming Experience.  (From left: Plowing; a big worm from the farm; a group of hardworking farmers; seeding)

Actually, we have our lunch after harvesting.  You can choose from Curry Chicken rice / Fish n Chips / Chicken Chop / Sweet & Sour Chicken rice,  with starfruit juice / roselle juice.  I am too tired to take photos of our meal. ;P

2.00 pm: Jam Making. (From left: The recipe; separate the roselle fruit from the seed; cooking jam after blending; our roselle jam in jar)

3.00 pm: Soap Making.  (From left: cutting soap base into smaller size; lemon grass essence + colorings; melted soap in mould; here comes our soaps)

4.00 pm:  Target Shooting.  The most exciting activity for kids. :-P

Due to the heavy rain on that day,  the target shooting had to move from outdoor to a covered place.  We  have no choice to cancel our fun time in river and having steamboat instead of barbecue for our dinner.

Dinner time~ (From left: fried rice, potato salad, steamboat, all attendance get their certificates)

We all satisfied with their warm service and delicious food.  Hope we can make another trip again.

Starfresh Agro Park
Lot 2599, 12KM Jalan Seremban-Kuala Pilah,
70400 Seremban, NSDK,
Tel: 06-6794288


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