Sunday, 21 August 2011

Montessori Playhouse Family Day 2011

Today, it's my sons' big day!  Both of them going to dance on stage at their school's Family Day which held at Menjalara Community Centre.  ^^

I like kids' dancing, they are so cute and they all dance with heart.  :-D  Even though some of them can't catch up the steps or can't dance professionally, but they are still able to step / stand on the stage.  I felt this is the best of all!

Here are some of their performance, let's cheer up for them~




zenee said...

Bin very good in shaking his buttock...

Tom See said...

Haha.. atas bawah goyang goyang!

anry said...

Zenee: Jin not bad too :P

Tom: mana atas? mana bawah?