Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Table manner

My kids like to talk while having their meal.  Every time i heard them talking, i'll tell them:- no talking when you eating.  They will keep quiet and continue their meal, but after few minutes, they will start talking again =.="  I have to give them warning again.

Here comes a day while we are having our meal together on the table.  After my warning to the kids of no talking when eat, they continue their meal quietly.  When it's their daddy starts chit chatting with me,  my eldest son warns his daddy: NO TALKING WHEN EATING!  At that moment, i have no words.  *~*


有一天,当我们一家人一起在餐桌用餐。在我警告过孩子们吃饭时不准讲话后,他们继续静静地用餐。轮到他们的父亲开始和我谈天时,我的大儿子就马上警告他的爸爸:吃饭时,不准讲话!当时,我简直无言。 *~*

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