Sunday, 3 March 2013

Free Mori @ SS2 PJ

Initially, i want to go to Nadeje to try their mille crepe.  However, i was scared away by the long queue.  Since i promise my kids to buy them a cake, we drive around SS2 to look for a special cake house.  Then i accidentally attracted by their orange sign board and the name "Mori".  And here comes the cake......

The artistic box:-

I choose the smallest cake from their display counter.  It's a 6" Fruittie cake which costs me RM38, very reasonable price~ ^.^

The cake has a layer of pudding in the middle and some fruits too.  I like it not too sweet, love the fluffy sponge cake, love the fresh fruits and the dark chocolate 'ring'.  Oh, one piece is never enough~

The bakery shop has ready packed paper plate and plastic 'forks/spoon', together with the necessary knife and candle.  You may choose to have ordinary candles or a numeric candle.  What a thoughtful shop~

Here is the catalogue of their cakes available for order.

Not staying around SS2?  No problem, they have other branches. ^.~

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