Friday, 1 June 2012

Dinner @ Weng Yin Seafood Village 九哩香海鲜村, Port Dickson

After we have spend our afternoon session at the Water Park of Tiara Beach Resort, we all starving for dinner.  As we are disappointed with the breakfast meals in the morning, we decided to drive out for our dinner.  After searching through the web, we proceed to the bloggers' recommended restaurant called Weng Yin Seafood Village 九哩香海鲜村.

The sign board

The counter, servings Muslim Seafood

Our appetizer @ RM2.00 

Bitter Gourd Omelet @ RM6.00
My kids' favorite dish, they finish the whole plate. ^^

Three Taste Fish 三味非洲鱼 @ RM30.00
It's one of the restaurant's signature dish.  Since we have kids dining together, they serve the sauce separately.  Even though without the sauce, the kids enjoy the crunchiness of the deep fried fish.  My eldest call this 'flying fish' ;-p

The sauce to be served with our fish
I must said, the fish is not perfect without the sauce.  It's a combination of spicy, sour and sweet sauce.  It's one of the yummy dish i like~

Marmite Chicken Cubes 妈蜜鸡丁 @ RM10.00
The chicken is crunchy, the marmite sauce is thick and flavorful.  This dish is even better than those we had in KL.  Thumbs up!

Drunken Prawns 醉虾 @ RM29.00
In the end, we decided to add order.  It's a big kick of having this dish!  The soup is strong with wine taste and comes with a lot of fresh, yummy prawns~  Husband finish the soups.  Oh, i miss this soup now.....

Weng Yin Seafood Village 九哩香海鲜村
KM 15, Batu 9.5,
Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus,

Tel: 06-6627559, 012-6281660

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