Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to store vegetables in fridge

As a mother of three, i only go for groceries shopping once a week.  Whenever it's time to stuff my groceries, i always scratching head of what to buy and what i want to cook.  Every time, i'll just grab those promotional items then only think of what to match with it in order to make a dish.  However, not all fresh items can be store for a week, especially vegetables.

I used to bought a lot of vegetables (p.s.: i am a vege lover ^o^) and leave it inside my fridge for few days.  When i suddenly remember them and take it out to cook, most of the vegetables have gone waste.  Then, i have no choice to throw them away and store up new slot of vegetables.

One day, i brought this question to my mom.  She told me to wrap each individual vegetable with newspaper because this can prevent the vegetables from rotting and can pro-long the storage of vegetables for more than a week.  Since that, i have no more wastage of all my vegetables anymore.

Just take few minutes to wrap our vegetables and this can avoid wastage + make use of our old newspapers.  But bear in mind, do wash your vegetables properly before you cook it.

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