Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Junior Da Vinci Creative Kids Art (Part 1)

I have register a drawing class for my eldest son earlier, not meaning to train him to becomes an artist but just wish to explore his interest and talents.

Here are some of his artworks after attended few classes:-  

Trial class:  When the teacher asks him what he wish to draw, he says "Ben 10".  So, here comes his "Ben 10" =.="  Teacher's comment: he can sits still to finish a drawing, can draw out circles but he can only use single color application.

First drawing class:  The teacher draw out the castles in a notepad and he draws them out on the drawing paper.  My naughty boy wants to add in his 'Optimus Prime' on top of the castle, but I thought it's rabbit ^^.  Teacher starts teaching him how to apply two tone color.

Second drawing class: This time, teacher draw out the flowers, bees and etc.  She guides him to assemble them and here comes his 'working bee' artwork.  

Hope he will presents much more better artwork in future. ^o^


zenee said...

Clever Boy!!! Keep it up!!!

anry said...

thanks, hope he can keep on his interest on it. :D