Monday, 26 December 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Suria KLCC

Recently, Charlie Brown Cafe at Suria KLCC just start their business on 21st December 2011.  This is the second outlet in Malaysia, the first outlet located in Penang.

Charlie Brown at the entrance.

From left to right:  dessert counter, cashier/order counter, display at the entrance, interior deco.

You can easily see Charlie and his friends at every corner of the restaurant.

More interior decorations.

The Menu and our serving number.

Some of their desserts available in the dessert bar.

More desserts.

Left: Hot Chocolate - Snoopy Template @ RM9.50
Right: Cappuccino - Charlie Template @ RM9.50
 The Cappuccino is nice with strong coffee smell.  However, the hot chocolate is a bit mild.

Charlie & Gang Waffle @ RM15.00
It's love shape waffles served with strawberry jam, peanut butter and fresh strawberry fruit.  When you flip over, you can get Charlie & his gang at the back.  It's cute :-)

Cheese & Ham Toast @ RM5.00
Simple toast with strong cheese on the bread.  My kids love to dip the bread in the chocolate.

Charlie Hawaiian Pizza @ RM15.80
 Don't judge by it's look,  it's crispy tortilla with lots of ham, pineapple cubes, melted cheese and etc.  It's a tempting pizza.

Whole Spring Chicken Coconut Rice with Satay Gravy @ RM15.80
 Actually, the rice is green in color which cook with pandan juice and coconut.  The spring chicken is well marinated and the meat is soft & juicy.  With some Satay gravy on top of it.  Perfect!  Must try~

We are too full to have any desserts, but i'm sure i'll come back for their cute desserts in future.

Charlie Brown Cafe
Lot LC-207, 2nd Floor,
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Hong Kong Cuisine @ U-Village 又一村

This Hong Kong style restaurant located at the lower ground floor, Sungei Wang Plaza.  It's just opposite Sushi King which located at Low Yat Plaza.

The Interior wall deco.

Ying Yang 鸳鸯 and Tea in H.K. Style 王室奶茶
(Free Refill) @ RM3.90 each
I think it's the only place which servings refillable milk tea.  Remember to put in sugar by yourself as it's served in sugarless condition. :-)

Luncheon Meat & Egg 午餐肉蛋三文治 @ RM4.90
Even though it's just luncheon meat, but it's a good quality one (as my husband said).  Nice~

French Toast 法兰西多士 @ RM4.50
The toast is hot when it's serve, with some honey and butter on it.  What a good combination ^^

Crispy Pork & Salted Egg Rice 烧肉咸蛋饭 @ RM9.90
The crispy pork is nice but not crispy as it named, the pork is not too salty with equally fat.  Served with half salted egg.  Husband is satisfied with it.  :)

Prawn Wanton Soup Noodle 虾云吞汤面 @ RM7.90
Each wanton contains two prawns inside, if our local wanton is s size, then this one should be L size.  Love this noodle soup which u won't taste any liquid soda (碱水) in it.  Yummy~

It is my lucky day that i met a nice lady who give me a 20% discount voucher.  ^^

U-Village Restaurant
LB-R1, Sungei Wang Plaza,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148 9686

Friday, 16 December 2011

Soondaeya @ Ampang

Soondaeya, a Korean restaurant located in Ampang Putra.  The owner is a Korean and most of the customers are Korean too.  It is a non-halal restaurant which servings pork and only pork in their menu.


Interior and the menu

side dishes

Korean pancake,  Dwe-Ji Guk (pork soup in hot plate) served with rice.

Bo-Ssam (pork belly boiled with ginseng) served with fresh lettuce and sweet kimchi

The pancake is crispy, the pork dishes are fresh and the milky soup is nice.  I think i'll be having another visit to try the other dishes as well.  ^^

Soondaeya Korean Restuarant
No. 17-L2, Jalan Ampang Putra 6,
Ampang Putra 68000, Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-42515170

Business hours: 12pm - 11pm

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tony Roma's @ e@Curve

Tony Roma's is committed to serving the best ribs anywhere.  But the Tony Roma's story does not end with ribs.  Crisp, fresh salads, mouth-watering char-grilled steak and delicious, custom-topped seafood make up a menu that is sure to please.

However, due to the 'Halal' issues in Malaysia, we won't found any 'pork' in the menu.

The bar counter

The spacious seating.

Ice Lemon Tea (Refillable)

Mango Juice (Refillable)

Baked Potato Soup

Complimentary bread

BBQ 1/2 Chicken
A juicy, half chicken basted in Original sauce and charbroiled.
Served with french fries and coleslaw.

Roma's Sampler
A trio of appertizers - Red Hot Buffalo wings, Potato Skins and Signature
Half Onion Loaf matched with Bleu cheese dressing, sour cream and
Original BBQ sauce.

Basil Pesto Chicken & Vegetable Linguine
Grilled chicken breast encrusted with bacon, basil pesto and bread crumbs
served atop linguine tossed with fire-roasted vegetables, mushrooms,
tomato pesto and Asiago cheese in a light butter sauce.

The portions are huge, each portion can fit two persons.  We all leaving with a big tummy. ;-p

Tony Roma's
Lot G-29(II), G-32 & G-33, E@Curve,
Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Tel: 03-77287833

Monday, 5 December 2011

Splashing Over The Big Blue @ One Utama

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town~  Christmas is around the corner and it's time to enjoy the Christmas decorations at major shopping malls.

This year, One Utama shopping mall is having Splashing Over The Big Blue theme.  The stage is shell's shaped with adorable 'shell girls' on the stage and hanging on the ceiling.  Alternatively, there are some soap bubbles flowing out from the stage and first floor towards the crowds.  It's like staying in the middle of the ocean, so creative~ ^^

The stage view from second floor.

'Seashell girls' hanging on the ceiling.

'Seashell girls' can be seen at each floor.

So adorable~

I love the theme, i love the 'seashell girls', i love the soap bubbles.  This is the best Christmas theme for this year.  Nice!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Gonbei San @ Starhill Galery

Long time didn't go for a Japanese buffet, so i bought two coupons to dine in Gonbei San at Starhill Gallery. It's same floor with Jogoya.  ^^

Left: The exterior of Gonbei San
Right: The entrance to Gonbei San.  My little kids busy playing the drum. ^^

Left:  The Interior Decoration.
Right:  A wooden wall inside the restaurant.

Left: Teppanyaki counter.
Right:  Dessert counter

Left: Every table comes with a pot of Green Tea, besides this, they do serve cold green tea and fruit juice.
Middle: A must have, super fresh oysters and edamame.  I personally like the edamame which kept warm in a steamer.
Right: Ice-creams, mint with chocolate chips, strawberry, cuppacino, sesame, green tea and etc.  Yummy~

Left 1: Cold soba; Left 2: Yakiniku (they offer cod fish, salmon, chicken and etc)
Right 1: Sukiyaki; Right 2: Chawan Mushi

Upper Left: Tempura (prawn, chicken, fish)  Upper Right: All sorts of Sashimi
Lower Left:  Dorayaki, tarts and tiramisu; Lower Right: Fruit tart, strawberry cake and macarons

The deco at the washroom's door

A very unique Japanese style washing basin inside the washroom.

Gonbei San only serves authentic Japanese cuisine and their foods are fresh & delicious.  The service is good whereby you can get assistance from any waiter/waitress easily.  I like the environment, i like the food and of course their service~ ^^

Gonbei San
Lot T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Galery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-27823801