Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Genius Toy Bricks for kids

Recently, i went to Fun n Cheer to look for something for my boys.  You know, it's holiday and they all wandering around with nothing to do.  They just play, fight, watching TV and sometimes will do their holiday homework (i.e. under my supervision).  But they don't have much homework to do, finish all within the first two weeks.

After searching through the entire toys on the rack, i found the Genius Toy Bricks.  It allows the kids to build anything with the interesting parts, which similar to the Lego blocks.

The box

Another set

Here's one of the sample

Front view

Another sample 

This is another set which the parts are smaller

We are thinking to get more sets for the kids to build more things according to their creativity.  Each set just cost around RM3.80 - RM4.90.  What a budget toy for kids ya ^.~

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