Wednesday, 17 October 2012

裔记 @ Jalan Petaling

While i'm a student, i used to visit this stall for their 'chee cheong fun'.  They only sell 'chee cheong fun' during that time.  Now, they starts selling charcoal porridge as well.

The large banner

The stall, it's the same stall as 'kum lin kee' which famous with their charcoal 'hokkien mee' at night.

Our meal~ porridge and yaw tiao
The Yaw Tiao is crunchy and fresh, without oily taste.  we order another plate of it. ;)  Oh, it cost RM1 per piece.

Minced pork with century egg @ RM4
The porridge is not the smoothy type but flavorful, more like home cook one.  Maybe because it's cook with charcoal, we can smell the strong rice when it's serves.  A new experience and taste for us.  Yummy~

Signature Chee Cheong Fun
As usual, still the same chee cheong fun with lots of sesame + red sweet sauce + chili.  Not bad. ^^

For those who wish to give it a try, the stall is just located at the middle cross road opposite the famous 'lo hon guo' wintermelon drink's stall.

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