Monday, 19 November 2012

Creative 3D Greeting Cards

It has been quite a long time i didn't go to night market (pasar malam).  Today, i suddenly craving for the asam laksa.  After my late dinner, i take a time to have a walk within the crowds.  When i pass by this special stall, i have been attracted by all the creative 3D greeting cards.

Won't you think they are gorgeous?  I am totally love it,  these are going to become my collection now.  Oh ya, the price range is within RM10 - RM20 comes with an envelope.


MDRT said...

Hi there. I get to know your blog on the 3D greetings cards. I am looking for it right now? Do u know where can I get them?

anry said...

i don't have their contact but maybe you can try your luck by visiting them at Kepong Baru night market on Sunday. good luck.

MDRT said...

Thanks. will try in tropicana city mall as my friend said