Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nancy Cakes @ Ipoh

Heard someone said that Nancy Cakes from Ipoh is selling the best butter cake of all.  It has been a while that i can't find nice butter cake.  Luckily, i have a friend went to Ipoh and is coming back today.  After contacted her, she agree to help me get one.  Oh! I'm a lucky person with a very very good friend. ^0^

Instead of pure butter cake, i choose to have the marble cake.

The cake

Very nice cream piping
They only sell whole cake in 1kg for those who walk in.  As you see, the colorful decoration is tempting me to quick quick take a bite~

The marble cake in piece
The cake itself is very soft and fluffy, it's the real butter cake!  Ehm.... how to describe?  The cake tastes salty by itself, the cream has the combination taste of salty and sweet.  The cake will melt inside your mouth within seconds, yummy~

Just the cream is a bit too sweet for me.  Next time must ask for a marble cake without cream. ^.~

The contact details on the box

A return lunch box for my friend 

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