Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka @ Pavilion

What is better than having a bowl of hot noodle soup as brunch in a rainy day?  We arrived at 12am and the restaurant is already in long queue, it took us 15 - 20 mins to get a seat.  The noodle really delicious?  Let's check it out.

The restaurant's entrance

The food display counter at the entrance

Promotions and their outlets around the world

A giant ceiling lamp, very attractive

The dining area

Pork Gyoza @ RM10
 The menu mentioned it's chicken Gyoza but when i order, the waitress tell me it's pork.  So, here comes the pork version.  Unlike the ordinary sauce servings i had at other restaurant, instead of ginger and vinegar, it serves with vinegar, soy sauce and chili oil.  A new combinations for me and it taste nice as well.  The Gyoza itself is crunchy at the skin and the meat is well marinated, just having it without the sauce is enough.  Depends on your own preference.

Charhan with Ramen set @ RM33

Ikura rice with Ramen set @ RM41

Char Siu rice with Ramen set @ RM33
Overall, the rice from the sets were taken by my kids.  I just be able to have a small bite of the ingredients.  The Char Siu taste sweet, i guess it's cook with teriyaki sauce.  Ikura is fresh and pop in the mouth.  Fried rice is yummy~

Each sets comes with a small bowl of salad, some pickles, Chawanmushi and a cup of non-refillable chinese tea.  Husband says it's weird of having Chinese tea at a Japanese restaurant, he thought it should serves with green tea.  I agree.

As for the Ramen, you may choose from 3 kinds of soup base:  Shio (Salt Flavour), Shoyu (Soy Sauce Flavour) and Miso (Soybean paste flavour).  Since we order 3 lunch sets, so we have 3 different kinds of soup base at once.  The Ramen serves with a thick slice of slice pork (Char Siu), bamboo shoots, Japanese fish cake and seaweed.  First of all, we taste the soup.  All soup base is thick enough and not oily, i have to give a thumb up for their soups!  Unfortunately, when it comes to their noodle, i have to say it's very disappointed.  It's not the kind of handmade Ramen but more like those yellow noodles with strong alkaline taste.  Especially when you having the noodles with the Shio soup base, the taste is stronger compare to other soup base.

I like their Chawanmushi, it contains chicken, shitake mushroom and fish at the bottom.  I can taste the Dashi stock and i love it.  Yumz~

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Lot 6.24.03, Level 6,
Pavilion KL
(Tokyo Street)
Tel: 03-21438878

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