Monday, 23 January 2012

Vegetarian meal @ 1st day of Chinese New Year 2012

When it's first day of Chinese New Year, we will normally having vegetarian meal for half day.  We used to have our brunch at the vegetarian restaurants last few years and spent nearly RM100 each time.  It's quite expensive for a vegetarian meal.  So, this year, i decided to cook by myself.  This meal just cost me RM25 - RM30.  ^.*

Taugeh fried swamp eel 素炒黄鳝
 The swamp eel is made of mushrooms, just cute it into long shape.  Fried with some taugeh and capsicums.

Vegetarian Ham in Honey sauce 蜜汁火腿
It's a combination of vegetarian hams and pineapple slices.  Then, pour in the special sauce and red dates.  Steam it for about 10 minutes time.

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