Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 CNY Decorations @ Ikano Power Centre

This year is dragon's year.  So, Ikano Power Centre using dragon as their decoration's theme.  Furthermore, they have placed some dividers with detailed description / introduction of the different dragons and some of our special cny dishes.  What a meaningful decorations.  ^^

the stage

Little tiny blossom tree.
Cute house with Di Long on the roof.
According tho the introduction, this is a man, who proposed the people to light bamboo with fire.  But it looks more like  a monster than a man.....
Sheng Long a.k.a spirit dragon.
Ying Long was believed to be a powerful servant of Huang Di.
Introduction of Yee Sang and Nian Gao
Introduction of Mandarin Orange and The Dragon Dance.
Introduction of The Chinese Zodiac Race.

Overall, it's a good displays whereby refreshing our memories of the meaning of [nian] and introducing the Chinese culture to the public. ^.^

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