Friday, 23 December 2011

Hong Kong Cuisine @ U-Village 又一村

This Hong Kong style restaurant located at the lower ground floor, Sungei Wang Plaza.  It's just opposite Sushi King which located at Low Yat Plaza.

The Interior wall deco.

Ying Yang 鸳鸯 and Tea in H.K. Style 王室奶茶
(Free Refill) @ RM3.90 each
I think it's the only place which servings refillable milk tea.  Remember to put in sugar by yourself as it's served in sugarless condition. :-)

Luncheon Meat & Egg 午餐肉蛋三文治 @ RM4.90
Even though it's just luncheon meat, but it's a good quality one (as my husband said).  Nice~

French Toast 法兰西多士 @ RM4.50
The toast is hot when it's serve, with some honey and butter on it.  What a good combination ^^

Crispy Pork & Salted Egg Rice 烧肉咸蛋饭 @ RM9.90
The crispy pork is nice but not crispy as it named, the pork is not too salty with equally fat.  Served with half salted egg.  Husband is satisfied with it.  :)

Prawn Wanton Soup Noodle 虾云吞汤面 @ RM7.90
Each wanton contains two prawns inside, if our local wanton is s size, then this one should be L size.  Love this noodle soup which u won't taste any liquid soda (碱水) in it.  Yummy~

It is my lucky day that i met a nice lady who give me a 20% discount voucher.  ^^

U-Village Restaurant
LB-R1, Sungei Wang Plaza,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148 9686

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