Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Junior Da Vinci Creative Kids Art (Part 2)

This is continue from the part 1........

3rd week is doing handicraft.  It is a monkey with a bow tie and banana hat, cute?

After the handicraft, the teacher teach him to draw a sea horse.  But i still think it's more like an elephant. :-p

4th week, teacher teach him draw a windmill.  The Mr. Sun is cool, right?

The windmill has a button on it, so, it can turn round and round.

5th week, it's a snake with some blinking thingy.

He likes to hold the ribbon and make the snake dance. ^.^

6th week, this time is Halloween theme.  He told me it's a pair of slippers.  Teacher's comment: need to remind him to fill in all the colours and draw bigger.

Stay tune for more.  Cheers. ^.^

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