Friday, 1 June 2012

Beach Front Cafe @ Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson

We planned to spend our second day at Tiara Beach Resort as the kids want to play at the Water Park.  Thus, we have our breakfast at the resort.  The nearest for breakfast is Beach Front Cafe.

The cafe 
The cafe is selling junk foods, nasi lemak, sandwiches, drinks, ice creams, cup noodles and etc.  The price is higher than those selling outside the resort.

Because the cafe is just located in front of the beach, the dining area is full of sands.  You can see a lot of ants wandering around the counter.

Cheese sandwich @ RM3.00
A cold sandwich and nothing special, just an ordinary sandwich.

Nasi Lemak biasa @ RM6.00
The pre-packed normal nasi lemak.  Even though it's packed in a microwave reheatable container, the cafe does not provide 'REHEAT' service.  With the price of RM6.00, it just comes with some anchovies, peanuts, half hard boiled egg, two slices of tomato and sambal.  I personally think it's over priced.  More over, it's cold.  Quite disappointed with this rice.

Waffle @ RM5.00
The waffle is the only hot meal for us in the morning.  We order the peanut butter with chocolate and it's just taste ok.  My kids prefer the one we had in KL.

After having these in the morning, we decided to drive away from the resort for our dinner after the splish splash session at the Water Park.

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