Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bento / Kid's meal (Vol. 1)

Recently, i am totally out of mind of what to cook for kids.  This is the common questions for all mothers.  So, i start looking for some bento book and materials.  Here are some of my presentations.

Minced pork capsicums, tau pok and tomato cheese

Cherry tomato cheese sandwich

Chicky rice

Two little chicks, not very nice but having fun with it.
Sausage flowers and Stars

Served with terriyaki chicken and fu yu potato leaves

Snail sausage with Bear sandwich

Happy bears with little snails

Bread roll with Snail sausage

Colorful and tempting bread roll

Bear bear chicken burger

Kids enjoy their special meals every time and request for more in future.  Ok, ok, i'll try my best to make more for you all.  ^o^

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